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Bangkok at its best

Vibrant, bustling and exotic. Bangkok may just seem like another Asian capital city but the truth is, it is brimming with surprises. For many people travelling east, Bangkok often appears on an itinerary as a transfer point only. However, after my recent stay I would suggest that it is worth investing more time than just […]

An insider’s guide to the Malaysian Peninsula

With many different options on offer, a holiday to the Malaysian Peninsula can be as relaxing or busy or as adventurous or simple as you want it to be, but no matter which option you take, it guarantees to provide a rich melange of cultural experiences. Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur; a city which certainly deserves […]

, Orangutan, Indonesian Borneo

Indonesian Borneo – The Future of the Forest

Many of us already know that the forest is disappearing in Indonesian Borneo, due to the oil palm industry and forest fires. We see the devastation on television, in magazines and newspapers and the loss of habitat for wildlife such as the orangutans is worrying. We do what we can to reduce the demand for […]

Sanjusangendo Temple

The 33 Interval Temple in Kyoto

The 33 interval temple. Such a humble name for such an impressive place. It wasn’t a temple that I knew anything about before arriving in Kyoto but the impact it’s had on me will undoubtedly remain with me for a long time to come. We just seemed to stumble upon it and in a city […]

Young panda, Chengdu

Pandas and Spice in Chengdu

I am trying to fly like a bird. With limited success, I hasten to add but my tai chi teacher gives me a thumbs up. I must be doing ok. With the Qing Cheng mountain as a backdrop, I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to learn some of this art form in the […]

The Huge, The Tiny and The Extraordinary

The Huge, The Tiny and The Extraordinary

I yelped in delight as my head emerged from the water. “Spaceships, they’re the size of spaceships”, I exclaimed breathlessly. Not that I have even seen a spaceship before, but these impressive manta rays were certainly out of this world. As my head went back underwater they continued to swim around me, graceful, serene and […]

Airboating, Mary River Floodplains, Bamurru Plains

Australia – north to south by any means necessary

With Australia being over 31 times the size of the UK, careful itinerary planning is an essential part of building the perfect holiday to Australia to avoid wasting time.  Certain distances have to be covered to make the most out of any visit so why not think about incorporating the travel into part of the […]