Sue Grimwood

I am most happy in a windswept wilderness strewn with wildlife so you will generally find me in the polar latitudes and despite not being the best sailor I love expedition cruising. I see the beauty in bleak and firmly believe you need to experience the worst of the elements to really appreciate a sunny blue sky day. My early travels took me to the warmer climes of Africa, my first love. More recently I have been beguiled by bears, whales and penguins. South Georgia simply blew my mind and walking with polar bears ranks as my most unnerving but memorable wildlife experiences. So if you fancy feeding the fish in the Drake Passage or paddling a kayak amongst the iceberg off Spitsbergen, talk to me.

The place I would most like to return to?

South Georgia

Your one luxury when you travel

A good thick fleece

Your best travel advice

Accept that places are all different so don’t try comparing them to everywhere else

My Recent Travel Destinations