Rob Gardiner

Travel is a potent combination of escapism, adventure and discovery for me. It leads to new experiences that come in such a wonderful array of forms. Whether it be translating James Blunt into Russian for curious Kazakh taxi drivers or looking down on a molten pool of lava from the rim of a Congolese volcano, every experience that travel brings is unique in its own way.

The place I would most like to return to?

The Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. I have never been anywhere that has quite the same desolate, yet dramatic beauty, combined with such wonderful, hardy people.

Your one luxury when you travel

My bicycle. This is more of an essential for me these days, but I firmly believe that the world is best seen on two wheels: you can go fast enough to see everything, but slow enough not to miss anything.

Your best travel advice

Don’t forget to explore your own backyard as well.

My Recent Travel Destinations