Jonathan Stacey

Jonathan Stacey is an ecologist who has been working in the fields of biodiversity conservation and ecotourism for over 30 years, with wide-ranging experience in Asia, Africa, Latin and North America, Australasia and Europe. In recent years he has worked extensively across Mongolia, with local communities, in environmental conservation, ecological restoration and wildlife management. In ecotourism, he has both guided itineraries in many different countries but also helped local communities develop their ecotourism livelihoods. He is a passionate raptor biologist, studying eagles worldwide, and in particular golden eagles, for which Mongolia is renowned. He is currently a member of the Altai Research and Conservation Institute which is developing community-based sustainable livelihoods based on the outstanding biodiversity of the Altai mountains and deserts of western and southern Mongolia. His current home-base is in North Wales, but he is a true nomad, and calls many places in southern Africa, North America and Asia home!

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