Chris Packham

An accomplished photographer, cameraman, writer, conservationist and presenter, Chris Packham has become synonymous with natural history in the UK. His photography is innovative and thought provoking and has been shown at various exhibitions around the world and in numerous books. His TV work started with the award winning Really Wild Show in 1986 and has been prolific ever since. Credits include Wildshots , Wild watch , and Go Wild. His most recent works are BBC 2’s SpringWatch, AutumnWatch, and WinterWatch and Nature’s Weirdest Events.

Chris has explored many habitats from Antarctic Islands, rainforests, deserts, the Everest range, the deep oceans and some of the planet’s most notorious nightclubs and drinking dens. He has the honour of being a pro-active president, vice president and patron of some notable conservation charities and regularly expounds his entertaining, pragmatic, enthusiastic, and occasionally controversial view, on the environment and its care.

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