Day 1

Antigua’s cobbled streets and slow pace of life really take hold of you and bring you into the way of life with its friendly, happy locals, where strangers greet you Buenas Dias/Tardes. A mix of brightly coloured and pastel buildings with grand doors and bars across the windows make this colonial town iconic especially with the surrounding majestic Volcanoes Agua, Pacaya and Fuego which frequently puffs a plume of smoke. UNESCO dictates that the signs for Subway, Burger King and Central America’s equivalent of KFC blend in, which is a relief!

Starting our walking tour we headed into the Parque Central, the main square with is Jacaranda trees and street vendors. We stopped at one of the many coffee houses, the best being Cafe Condesa for coffee and Fernando’s for its hot chocolate. The Cathedral and its ruins are quite spectacular, columns lie where they once fell and part is restored but with an open ceiling it allows you to imagine how it once looked.

For lunch I sampled a typical Guatemalan platter fuelled with fried banana, rice, refried beans, guacamole, salsa and tortillas which was simply delicious. With around 20 varieties of Avocado in Guatemala and 4 types of corn (one of the few foods grown locally that is not exported, the average Guatemalan eats corn bread, tortillas etc. some three times a day.)

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