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Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca

At 4,000 metres altitude, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, it is also one of the most beautiful as deep blues and bright whites cut cleanly through the icy air.

Lake Titicaca is sacred to the Aymara and Quecha people who inhabit its shores and islands and to walk along the lake edge, sail its waters or stay on the islands, is to reconnect with an unchanged past. Puno is the departure town for boat trips to the floating Uros Islands, Taquile and Amantani Island and Bolivia, but also for the thrilling Andean Explorer train journey across the altiplano to Cusco.

Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru
Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru

The dramatic mountains of the Cordillera Real make for an impressive back-drop to one of the most stunning lakes in the world, Lake Titicaca. Stunning, but also an essential source of life for the people who inhabit its shores and islands, and whose ancient cultures have remained alive today, despite the passage of time and the encroachment of modernity.


Travel to Taquile Island

Admire the stunning Peruvian lake island full of handmade colourful fabrics and friendly locals.

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Sail on Lake Titicaca

Set sail on the highest navigable lake in the world and visit the communities on Isla Taquile.

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Visit a Peruvian Island

Take a boat trip to Amantaní, one of Lake Titicaca’s most scenic islands and a centre of mystical ceremonies since pre-Inca times.

Board a Reed Boat

Embark on a trip on a traditional Peruvian boat made entirely of reeds, among the oldest known types of boats.

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Paul Bird

Reaching the sun gate and marvelling over Machu Picchu unveiled one of the most impressive landscapes that Paul has seen in his global travels.
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James Armitage

Having walked the full Inca Trail and arrived at the Sun Gate, it is in looking down over the mist-shrouded Machu Picchu ruins that James experienced the magic of the Incas.
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Roxy Dukes

If your passion is the outdoors and you are looking to delve into South American culture, Roxy recommends one of the lodge-to-lodge hiking programmes to explore the Sacred Valley and beyond. Hopping between the quiet mountain towns, meet the locals that live off the grid and immerse yourself in the welcoming spirit of Peru.
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Once again, I would like to thank James for organising our trip. Our visit to Peru was perfect. Each of the expert guides in Peru made the whole thing run like clockwork, and I cannot thank all of you enough.

Destination: Peru
Travel Expert: James

Paul put together a spectacular trip through the highlights of Peru, and no detail was missed. His recommendations for acclimatising were particularly helpful, and something no one else I spoke to had mentioned.

Destination: Peru
Travel Expert: Paul

Our trip to Colombia and Peru, organised by James, exceeded all of our expectations! We travelled initially to see our eldest son who lives in California and then decided that (while close by) we would "nip" to Peru with the aim of visiting Machu Picchu, and onward to Colombia. A spectacular and memorable trip of a lifetime.

Destinations: Colombia & Peru
Travel Expert: James

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