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Parque Carrasco, Bolivia

Bolivian Amazon

Bolivia is home to a vast sprawl of Amazon forests dotted with wetland savannahs that blanket over two-thirds of the country and encompass a raucous level of biodiversity. For most Rurrenabaque, or ‘Rurre’ as it is affectionately referred to, marks the gateway into the rainforest with riverboats regularly embarking on wilderness adventures along the beautiful Río Beni or to the pampas that lie northeast via Rio Yacuma, famous for a population of pink river dolphins.

Madidi National Park, Amazon, Bolivia
Madidi National Park, Bolivia

A little more about Bolivian Amazon

One of the most important conservation areas in the Bolivian Amazon is Madidi National Park. Stretching from the snow-peaked Apolobamba Andes to the steamy tropical lowlands, Madidi National Park is a remarkable habitat to a plethora of birds such as macaws and hummingbirds, a healthy population of primates including pygmy marmosets, reptiles such as the anaconda, black caiman and alligators, and some of the world’s big cats including the ocelot, jaguar and puma.

Yellow squirrel monkey in Bolvian Amazon jungle
Yellow squirrel monkey, Bolivia

The Bolivian Amazon hosts a startling array of wildlife in a mostly unspoiled setting that is less trampled than areas extending into some neighbouring South American countries. Discover secrets of the rainforest’s medicinal legacy and learn how tourism is having a positive effect on its conservation.


What do you really love doing? We’ll tailor your itinerary to suit you.

Search for Pink River Dolphins

Head out to try and find the elusive and magnificent pink river dolphins, which only live in the fresh waters of the Amazon Rainforest.

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Amazonian Country-Hopping

Consider exploring the Amazon in more than one country, moving between Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia or Bolivia to experience the remotest corners of the Amazon Basin.

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Swing in a Hammock

After a morning of adventure, head back to your cabin to swing in a hammock to read a good book (or simply for a siesta).

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Track Big Cats

In the company of an expert local tracker, look out for some of the world’s most elusive big cats that include ocelots, jaguars and pumas.

Learn Amazonian Medicine

Discover the natural medicinal properties of the rare plants of the Amazon, such as wasai and cordoncillo, which are used for kidney health and anaesthetic respectively.

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River Eslabon

Trek over forest paths, looking out for spider tapirs, deer and wild boar, to reach River Eslabon and bathe in its pools.

Cruise the Amazon

Sail on the world’s mightiest river during an authentic Amazon cruise that navigates far off the beaten track.

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Explore Madidi National Park

Adventure on foot with a naturalist guide in to the Madidi National Park, an area that overflows with wildlife such as macaws, hummingbirds and anaconda.

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