Fileds with lines of different brighly coloured flowers and snow capped mountains in distance.

Hokkaido and Sapporo

Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost and least developed of Japan’s four main islands.

With its unspoiled nature, Hokkaido attracts many outdoor lovers, including skiers and snowboarders in the colder seasons and hikers, cyclists and campers from June to September. For those travelling to Japan in search of breath-taking scenery with National Parks, wetlands, volcanoes and mountains, Hokkaido should certainly be high on your list.

Snow sculpture of a traditional Japanese building against a black sky.
Snow sculpture, Sapporo
Flower farmers, Hokkaido, Japan
Flower farmers
Sapporo, Japan

Highlights of Hokkaido

The capital city, Sapporo is famous for hosting the 1972 Olympic Winter Games and is today well known for its ramen (noodles), beer, and the annual snow festival held every February.

The slopes of Furano and Biei transform into Lavender fields in July and August and the hot spring resort of Noboribetsu surrounded by forested hills is home to a steaming volcanic landscape. Unspoilt landscapes offer opportunities for skiing in the winter and hiking, cycling and walking from June to September.

Steller's sea eagle in flight with prey on a background of the frozen sea, Shiretoko Peninsula. Shiretoko National Park, Japan, Hakkaydo
Steller sea eagle

National Parks and Wildlife

Shiretoko National Park, a peninsula off eastern Hokkaido, is one of Japan’s most beautiful and unspoilt national parks. With few roads the northern tip can only be viewed from boats or via multi-day trekking tours. Home to a variety of wildlife, in winter, the peninsula’s coast becomes one of the northern hemisphere’s southernmost regions to see drift ice. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the irreplaceable value of the peninsula’s ecosystem and biodiversity.

Another larger National Park, Daisetsuzan, preserves a vast, densely forested, mountainous area of wilderness – a paradise for hikers, outdoor lovers, deer and brown bears.


Below are a selection of experiences you could consider including in your holiday to Hokkaido.

Brown and white Stellar sea eagle with bright yellow beak and talons perched on piece of upright drift ice with icy water behind.

Winter on the Shiretoko Peninsula

Visit the Shiretoko Peninsula in winter when the mountains are blanketed in snow and the ocean covered in drift ice where Steller sea eagle hunt.

Snow covered landscape with mountain backdrop and solitary elk in foreground.

Shiretoko Peninsula

Access the narrow Shiretoko Peninsula off eastern Hokkaido, a beautiful and remote National Park cut through by mountains and home to wildlife including bears, whales and a wealth of birdlife.

View down onto huge blue lake in a volcanic crater with lush covered crater rim and blue sky.

Lake Mashu

Hike along the rim of Lake Mashu in Hokkaido. A huge crater lake, surrounded by spectacular scenery, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Japan.

Bright turquoise water with thin trees submerged and green foliage in background and trunks reflected in water.

The Blue Pond

Visit the Blue Pond in central Hokkaido, a man made pond created as a result of dams built following the eruption of nearby Mt Tokachi. Minerals within the water create the fabulous blue colour.

Four yellow houses set in fields with snow capped mountains behind.

Rural landscapes of Biei

Take a scenic drive or cycle around the rural landscapes of Biei town where flowers bloom in summer and the mountain backdrop is stunning at all times of year.

Striped fields of flowers, orange, lavendar, white and yellow with lavendar in foreground.

Flower Fields

Visit the central Hokkaido town of Furano in summer when the flower fields bloom and lavender stretched as far as the eye can see.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Poeple skiing on snowy slope with snow capped volcanic peak in background with cloud covering its peak.

Skiing in Hokkaido

Head to Hokkaido in January and February when snow covers much of the island and skiing conditions are excellent.

Sapporo miso ramen, Hokkaido

Sample Local Hokkaido Cuisine

Dine on fresh seafood, ramen noodles and locally brewed beer.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Mount Yotei volcano, Shikotsu Toya National Park, Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Adventure

Go fishing, hiking, rafting and canoeing amidst crystal clear lakes and active volcanoes.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Kushiro Wetlands National Park

Kushiro Wetlands National Park

See the countries only known population of Japanese Cranes at the Kushiro wetlands National Park on the northernmost island of Hokkaido.

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