Potala Palace, Tibet

Tibet holidays

It’s hard to resist the mystique and charm of Tibet. The Potala Palace and Rombok monastery are revered by travellers far and wide – and we can take you right to them on your unique itinerary.

Tibet is a country within a country and a culture within a culture. Although experienced travellers will inevitably say that it has changed dramatically over the years, Tibet still exudes a magic that is hard to emulate.

Mount Saipal with prayer flags Nepal Tibet
Himalayan Mountains, Tibet

Why we like Tibet

The simplicity of Tibetan everyday life is, to the western eye, unimaginable and yet the spirituality and unfaltering faith which prevails somehow seems to diminish the hardship. The landscapes are stark and yet dramatically beautiful, the yak butter tea truly an acquired taste. For most visitors, Tibet is one of the great highlights of their travelling life.

Tashilhunpo Monastery, Tibet
Shigatse, Tibet

What to expect on your Tibet holiday

The weather-beaten faces of pilgrims prostrating themselves on their arduous quest for enlightenment, isolated whitewashed villages, the smell of yak butter, stunning landscapes, prayer wheels and monasteries all combine to create an atmosphere of mystery and remoteness in Tibet.

Once the very definition of remote, arduous and forbidden travel, Tibet is now surprisingly well connected by road, plane and even rail links although the standard of the roads is not great. Generally, hotels leave much to be desired, although there are a select few deluxe properties in the main centres, if standards of accommodation are a high priority then Tibet is probably not the place for you.


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The spires of Rongbuk Monastery in the shadowy foreground with Mount Everest as its backdrop

Rongbuk Monastery

The Tibetan side access point for Everest base camp and claimed to be the highest monastery in the world.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Prayer Wheels, Tibet

Tashilhunpo Monastery

Visit the resting place for several Dalai Lamas.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet

The Potala Palace

Visit the former home of the Dalai Lama, as it towers above Lhasa and houses some of Tibet’s greatest treasures.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Snow capped Mount Kailash with yellow steppe grassland in the foreground

Mount Kailash

Discover the iconic Mount Kailash, visited by over one billion people and drawing pilgrims from across the world.

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