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Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone & the Rockies

The Rocky Mountains have a governing presence in the USA, running from the Canadian south into Montana and on to New Mexico. This vast mountain chain is one of the most spectacular land forms in North America and never fails to impress with its snow-capped mountains and lush forests.

Yellowstone National Park was the first designated park in the USA and is arguably the most renowned, covering an area of 3,468 square miles and considered a geothermal spectacle. With the majority of the world’s geysers preserved here, it is a park that never sleeps. Wildlife can be found at every turn, whether that’s grizzly bears, wolves and herds of bison and elk. Put simply: this is a wonderland.

Not to be forgotten are the dude and guest ranches that are synonymous with the west. Nowhere in the world are ranches a more intrinsic part of the day to day life and where is better to enjoy a horseback adventure than the stunning mountains of the Rockies.

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All the way through the process - from us explaining what we wanted through to the programme that Roxy created - everything was excellent. Roxy understood our requirements perfectly and created a trip that exactly fitted the bill.

Destination: USA
Travel Expert: Roxy

From my first conversation with Roxy, it was clear that her knowledge was very good indeed. She listened to our ideas and created a fantastic bespoke holiday for us, and the pre-trip information was first class.

Destination: USA
Travel Expert: Roxy

Horse Ranch, Rockies, USA
Horse Ranch, Rockies, USA

Off-the-Beaten-Track in the Rockies

It may seem obvious to speak of the exceptional National Parks in the Rockies as a highlight, but what can be forgotten is to explore the areas away from the main ‘hot spot’ areas. National Parks including Yellowstone, Teton and Glacier all offer such diversity with the main roads and trails offering just a preview of what is on offer. Specialist guides are at their best in the USA and should be taken advantage of; they can offer unparalleled insight and access to the parks. Another must do is to visit Yellowstone in September when the aspen leaves are golden, against the backdrop of the Teton Mountains and its geothermal features.


See the Niagara Falls

Ride a bike through Niagara’s wine country, take a helicopter flight over the falls, embark on an all-access tour with a private guide, join a classic sailing trip through the spray or dine at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls.

Behind the Scenes of Montreal

Wander the Museum of Fine Arts after hours with one of its curators, travel with a local insider on a guided VIP tour of the city’s iconic sites and off-the-beaten track places, go on a culinary walking tour or get behind the wheel of a super car or Mustang on a rally racing track.

Museums & Eateries of Quebec

Embark on a private tour of Quebec’s museum of fine art, sail the St. Lawrence River in a private boat experience that passes the historic skyline, sample French-Canadian delicacies or travel further afield to the Beaupre Coast to visit the first settlements.

Lakes & Wildlife of Algonquin

Go canoeing, kayaking, biking or hiking in scenic Algonquin, observing moose, beavers, foxes, deer and other wildlife species in their environment. At night, listen as the breeze whistles through the pines and wolf howls pierce the air.

Unique Experiences in Toronto

Explore lively Toronto in the company of expert guides, perhaps visiting art studios, sampling premium Canadian whiskey, escape the city on a bicycle tour or boarding a private yacht charter to Toronto Harbor.

Sail & Tour Lunenburg

Go on a private sailing voyage from Nova Scotia to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lunenburg, perhaps learning to hoist the sails, tie knots and navigate a vintage schooner.

Kayak Hopewell Rocks

Kayak in the “Mount Everest of the Marine World’ in the company of a private adventure guide, learning about the tidal phenomena around the renowned Hopewell Rocks.

Maritimes Horse Experiences

Go on a breathtaking horseback ride between the mountains and the sea on Cape Breton Island or learn to understand their body language during a private wrangler session on Prince Edward Island.

Private Blacksmith Workshop

Be introduced to blacksmithing during a one-on-one lesson in the company of an artisan on Cape Breton Island, who will show you all the tricks and technique of this tradition.

Look for Puffins

Head out to sea cliffs in search of the breeding grounds of the Atlantic puffin.

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A passion for travel runs right through every one of our experts - meaning they're always ready with first-hand insight about their specialist countries.

Roxy Dukes

Roxy has had many adventures throughout the USA, and has a passion for exploring the spectacular National Parks. Roxy’s tip is to invest in a private guides that take you off the grid, transforming your experience of these epic landscapes.
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Paul Bird

In his travel to the USA, New York has remained at the top of Paul’s list. It is certainly not a one-stop destination, and Paul knows the little-visited hot spots and behind-the-scenes experiences that make a visit to this bustling city truly memorable.
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