Cairo City, Egypt


Cairo is a bustling metropolis, a cosmopolitan city, and not only home to the Great Pyramid of Giza it is the largest city in Africa.

For many, Cairo is epitomised by the pyramids, however, there are many attractions of great interest for the visitor and many of the main highlights can be covered on your holiday in a short stay of two or three days.

The only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the pyramids are among the world’s greatest tourist attractions and never lose their ability to inspire and overwhelm visitors. Do make the effort to include a visit to the nearby mysterious Sphinx, an ancient figure shrouded in legend and mystery.

Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

A little more about Cairo

The heart of Cairo houses the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, designed by a French architect in neo-classical style, and surrounded by gardens. It houses the world’s greatest collection of Egyptian antiquities from 2700 BC to the 6th century AD and is well worth a visit.

In the Islamic region of Cairo, there is the beautiful Mohamed Ali Mosque and the ancient Citadel, a spectacular medieval fortress perched on a hill above the city. Also of interest is the fascinating Khan El-Khalili Bazaar which is reputed to be the largest bazaar in the Middle East. Whilst wandering through the labyrinth of narrow streets you will find workshops and stalls selling all manner of things from woodwork, glassware and leather goods to perfumes, fabrics and Pharaonic curiosities.

Babylon Fortress, Cairo, Egypt
Babylon Fortress, Cairo, Egypt

Babylon Fortress

In Coptic Cairo there are the remains of the old Fortress of Babylon, the walls of the fortress enclose the Church of St. Sergius, which is built on a crypt considered to be one of the resting places of the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt.


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Egyptian Artefacts

Visit the Restoration Labs

Visit the restoration labs adjacent to the Grand Museum near Giza, in a private access tour to view how ancient artefacts are restored and prepared for exhibition.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Museum

Lose yourself in the overwhelming collection of treasures in the Egyptian Museum.

Babylon Fortress, Cairo, Egypt

Old Cairo District

Wander through the small quarter of Babylon in Cairo’s Old Cairo District and visit the cities oldest Coptic Churches.

Egyptian back street, Islamic Banha, Egypt

Discover Cairo

Stroll through the labyrinthine lanes and boulevards of Islamic Cairo, the city’s medieval and symbolic heart.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Explore the breathtaking pyramids, the only remaining structure of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.

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