Swimming Polar Bear, Russian Arctic

Russian Arctic Holidays

Our expertise in putting together trips to Russia and the Arctic is unrivalled.

The Russian Arctic stretches from Murmansk in the west round to Anadyr in the east, encompassing the Barents, Kara and Laptev Seas along with the Bering Straits.

The remote islands and archipelagos such as Wrangel, Herald, Novaya Zemla, Franz Josef Land and Severnaya Zemlya support a stunning array of birds and wildlife. Wrangel Island is the world’s northernmost UNESCO World Heritage Site and has polar bears in such great density that travellers in the Russian Arctic often experience a hundred or more bear sightings on a single trip.

Abandoned ship in Russian Arctic
Russian Arctic, Arctic Ocean

Experts in the Extraordinary

At Steppes Travel, we cut our teeth selling trips to Russia in 1989, then expanding into offering voyages to the Russian Arctic for clients looking for a truly off-piste Arctic experience. This is a land of huge skies, snow-capped mountains, towering bird cliffs, tundra wilderness and trees that you can look down on. Beguiling and bleak – the definition of a truly remote destination.

Polar Bear on dry land, Russian Arctic

Cruise the Russian Arctic

Welcome to the “polar bear maternity ward” of the Arctic. An extraordinary expedition cruise to the polar bear habitat of Wrangel Island and the home of the indigenous Chukchi people. 

15 days

from £7,995 pp

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Franz Josef, North Pole, Arctic

Visit Franz Josef Land

Travel to incredibly remote Franz Josef Land, inhabited only by military personnel, to find Arctic foxes, walruses and bearded seals.

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Local community, Yamal Peninsula, Russia

Indigenous, Arctic Communities

Visit indigenous groups in their remote villages to experience their culture first hand including Chukchi, Inuit, Yupik and Sami.

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North Pole, Arctic

The Geographical North Pole

Visit the very top of the world, the Geographical North Pole, this mystical spot in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean is the axis on which earth rotates.

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Polar Bear, Spitsbergen

Search for Polar Bears

With one of the highest numbers of polar bears anywhere in the world, go in search of bears on Wrangel and Herald Islands.

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Where to stay

Some of the wonderful places to stay that we frequently recommended.

50 Years of Victory £££££

  • Arctic

Most Arctic and Antarctic ships have ice-strengthened hulls to protect them from loose pack ice, but 50 Years of Victory is a Russian nuclear-powered ice breaker capable of penetrating 2.5-metre-thick ice. The most sophisticated and powerful ice breaker ever built, the 525-foot-long ship has a top speed of over 20 knots and accommodates 128 passengers in outward-facing and en-suite cabins. Aside from a fleet of zodiacs, 50 Years of Victory also boasts a helicopter to fly passengers to areas that the ship cannot reach, the ultimate destination being the North Pole. The addition of a bar, a library, massage services, a gym, a pool and two saunas make sailing time just as enjoyable as time spent off the vessel.

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Greg Mortimer £££££

  • Antarctica

Launched in October 2019, the Greg Mortimer is a purpose-built expedition vessel that features a revolutionary X-Bow design. One of the most dynamic and state of the art ships on the seas, it is designed to slice through the water rather than riding over the waves making for comfortable and fast travels through the polar seas. Four sea-level zodiac launching platforms allow for a quick transition from the ship to the zodiacs, minimising waiting times and maximising excursion time. Its 79 twin and double cabins are spread over four decks and each features private facilities, ample storage, power outlets and daily cabin service.

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Ocean Adventurer £££££

  • Arctic

Originally built in 1976 in Yugoslavia, Ocean Adventurer underwent extensive upgrades as part of a multi-million pound renovation in 2017. On this nimble, ice-strengthened vessel, facilities include a well-stocked library, a lounge area, a gym and observation decks. With major technical enhancements, including two new Rolls Royce engines, to increase fuel efficiency and minimise carbon footprint, Ocean Adventurer has the capacity to carry 128 passengers across 63 cabins. Ship-to-shore satellite communications allow for email and wireless internet access, and a stocked library houses a large collection of polar books.

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Sue Grimwood

On Russia’s remote Wrangel Island, Sue has tracked musk ox across the tundra, scanned the horizon for snowy owls, spotted scurrying lemmings, explored some intriguing remnants of the cold war and seen over 100 polar bears

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