Maramures, typical countryside near the village Poienile Izei, Romania


Aside from the farmland, the countryside here is largely untouched and large swathes of forest are home to bears, wolves and lynx.

Maramures is one of the remotest corners of Europe allowing the region to cling to its traditional past. While modern concrete houses are in evidence there are still plenty of beautiful timber houses each with its own well and vegetable patch.

Farming methods here are still very simple – a common sight being men and women scything by hand in the fields, and building huge picturesque hayricks. For the active, there are plenty of chances to walk and cycle. For the more sedate there can be no better place in Europe to pack a picnic basket and find a sunny spot in a field full of wildflowers and let the day drift by.

Merry Cemetery, Maramures, Romania travel
Maramures, Romania
Maramures, Romania, Wooden church of Barsana monastery
Maramures, Romania
Barsana Wooden Monastery, Maramures, Romania
Maramures, Romania

Traditional Romania

Romania’s most traditional region Maramures, up in the north-west of the country, is a land of steepled wooden churches, villages where peasant culture thrives, wooden horse carts rattle down the roads, and matters great and small are discussed over glasses of fiery homemade horinca.


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Houses and Churches in Iza Valley, Romania

Iza Valley

Drive down the Iza Valley to explore the peasant villages nestled into the hillside, almost all featuring elaborately carved wooden gates and traditional wooden churches.

Maramures, typical countryside near the village Poienile Izei, Romania

The Village of Breb

Spend a few days in Breb, a strongly traditional village and a great base from which to explore the region of Maramures. See Europe’s last remaining peasant culture.

Merry Cemetery, Maramures, Romania

Merry Cemetery

Visit the cemetery, well-known for its unique, beautifully coloured crosses, and share tales from the life of the deceased through funny, satirical poems.

Barsana Wooden Monastery, Maramures, Romania

Barsana Monastery

Visit the all-wooden Orthodox monastic complex of Barsana, a popular Maramures pilgrimage site.

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