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Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon

Northern Mexico boasts impressive, stark and rugged beauty. Here you will find sprawling desert, cowboys, cattle ranches, cacti, and even rattlesnakes, but you will also see the fantastic natural wonder that is the Copper Canyon.

The Copper Canyon, which was misleadingly named by the Spanish who mistook the greenish-glow of lichen for copper is a well-kept secret and only visited by a few.

It is a network of more than 20 spectacular canyons carved out of the Sierra Tarahumara. The largest canyon is Urique at a staggering 6,136ft at its deepest. In comparison, the Grand Canyon in the USA has a depth of only 4,674 ft.

Waterfall, Copper Canyon, Mexico
Copper Canyon, Mexico

A little more about Copper Canyon

The area is home to the second-largest Native American Indigenous community – the Taramuhara. These world-famous long-distance runners moved into the Copper Canyon over five hundred years ago to avoid conscription by the Spanish to work in the silver mines. Still maintaining a vital presence in the area, the Taramuhara live throughout the Copper Canyon region in log cabins and caves, maintaining close ties to the land.

The ex-mining communities such as the town of Batopilas are fascinating to visit, with just 2,000 inhabitants, only the faded grandeur of the 19th-century gold rush remains.



Visit Batopilas, a small 19th Century mining village found deep in the canyon.

Copper Canyon Train Ride

Ride the Copper Canyon Railway, often considered to be the most dramatic train journey in the western hemisphere..

Hike Copper Canyon

Enjoy excellent hiking opportunities.

Meet the Rumuri Indians

Encounter the Rumuri (Tarahumara) Indians who live in the caves within the canyon system.

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Sue Grimwood

I was inspired to travel south from an early age. My form teacher when I was nine made us listen to tapes from Shackleton’s expeditions, I didn’t know it at the time, but it obviously left a deep impression on my psyche.
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James Armitage

James has been drawn by the variety cultures, delicious food, lovely coastlines, ancient ruins and sophisticated hotels of Mexico, a supremely diverse and extraordinary country.
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John Faithfull

Over multiple trips, John has immersed himself in the natural and cultural highlights of this huge country. He has had close encounters with grey whales off Baja’s Pacific coast, swam with whale sharks in the Caribbean, attended shaman rituals in Chiapas and sought out some of Mexico City’s finest Mezcalerias.
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