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Wildebeests crossing Mara river, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park is Africa’s most famous game park and a Serengeti safari never fails to impress its visitors.

The Serengeti’s fame comes from the dense population of animals and particularly the host of predators that stalk across the vast grassy plains, which are broken only by small river valleys and rock kopjes.

The Serengeti region encompasses the Serengeti National Park itself, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Maswa Game Reserve, the Loliondo, Grumeti and Ikorongo Controlled Areas and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Migration, Serengeti, Tanzania
Migration, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Views, Namiri Plains Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Namiri Plains Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Main Lounge, Serengeti Under Canvas, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Serengeti Under Canvas, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
View from Lodge, Lamai Serengeti Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Lamai Serengeti Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Bedroom, Lamai Serengeti Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Lamai Serengeti Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Why you should visit the Serengeti

  • The famous Great Migration of wildebeest occupies the Serengeti for most of the year, offering one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth
  • 10 times larger than the Masai Mara, the Serengeti hosts a huge diversity of wildlife
  • It offers true wilderness, researchers still flock to the area to document the habits of animals
  • The opportunity for walking safaris in the Serengeti, a unique opportunity to get under the skin of this amazing area
Lioness in long grass, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Exterior of Tent, Serian Serengeti, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Serian North Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Migration, Serengeti, Tanzania
Migration, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The regions of the Serengeti

The central area of Seronera and Ikoma offer the opportunity for year-round wildlife viewing due to the permanent rivers here. In the months of August to November when the migration is in the Mara, the northern Serengeti is most productive and you can also see the river crossings if you stay at some of the well-positioned camps on the Mara borders, offering the best of both worlds. Rhinos inhabit the hilltops in these areas too.

The Masai community concessions in the north offer an opportunity to witness how deftly conservation and local communities can work together. In the east, you will find the rocky outcrops of Lobo and the wilderness areas where walking safaris allow one to avoid the disturbance of a vehicle. And beyond there are the endless plains of pitaya.


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Game Drives, Mwiba Lodge, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Mwiba Lodge, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Cheetah, Serengeti, Tanzania
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

When to travel to the Serengeti

The trick to a fabulous Serengeti safari is to know its seasons. The quietest time to go is in the months of December to April when the thousands of animals making up the wildebeest and zebra migration fill the short grass plains near Lake Ndutu. They amass here to calve and to feed on the tender grass which springs up after the rains in November.

Between July and September, the Serengeti is at its busiest with the migration found in the north of the park. It is during this period that the iconic crossings occur, with hundreds of thousands of animals surging across narrow stretches of river.


What do you really love doing? We’ll tailor your itinerary to suit you.

The Great Migration

Watch as wildebeests and zebras flood the plains of the Serengeti. Witness one of the greatest animal migrations on the planet,

Suggested Holiday Idea

Serengeti Safari

Take a safari out on the majestic plains of the Serengeti, dotted with granite kopjes and home to breath-taking wildlife.

Suggested Holiday Idea

River Crossing

Wait beside the Mara River in the northern Serengeti, as the herds of zebras and wildebeests mass. Watch as they finally surge forward, crossing the river in a mad – often fatal – dash, dodging crocodiles and fighting the current.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Safari with Alex Walker

Join renowned guide Alex Walker on a walking safari, staying at simple tented camps. Immerse yourself in the environment, with complete flexibility and at the whim of Alex’s instincts and the animals.

Suggested camp

Namiri Plains

Explore the remote Namiri Plains, in the western Serengeti. Access this area is exclusive to those staying here and it is renowned for the density of big cats, especially lions and cheetahs.

Suggested camp

Private Reserves

Stay at one of the private reserves that adjoin the eastern Serengeti. These privately funded conservation areas are rich with wildlife, offer some of the best guiding and allow off-road driving.

Suggested Holiday Idea

Where to Stay

Every captivating tailor-made itinerary needs a perfect base. Our team has handpicked this collection of properties to give you luxury options in styles to suit any adventure.

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