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Little more than a dusty market town, remote Karima is notable for its proximity to an extraordinary array of ancient sites.

Together these Kushite treasures have given the entire area UNESCO World Heritage status. The town itself is a quiet, slow-moving place, which is almost certainly as a result of its searing heat and lonely location. Livening up in the mornings, Karima plays host to a food market in its centre.

Amon Temple from Jebel Barkal, Karima, Sudan
Karima, Sudan

Discover Jebel Barkal

Meaning ‘Holy Mountain’ in Arabic, Jebel Barkal rises out of the flat desert landscape and was once an important landmark for caravans making their way along Nubian trade routes. Looming over Karima, it is here that most of the Kushite ruins are found.

A series of ruined temples litter the area around the foot of the mountain. First established almost 3,500 years ago, these temples were extended and rebuilt over the following millennium. A number of impressive granite rams, which once lined an avenue towards the river, still survive. Amongst the ruins is the Temple of Mut, built by Taharqa, the last Kushite king to rule Egypt. This rock-cut sanctuary preserves fine reliefs and unusual pillars in the shape of the God Bes.

Nubian Rest House Karima, Karima
Nubian Rest House Karima, Karima, Sudan

Nubian Rest House

Incorporating local architecture and influenced by Nubian styles, this charming small hotel is surrounded by carefully cultivated gardens. Its weather-worn and ornate Nubian door presents an intriguing welcome for arriving guests.

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Pyramids in the desert, sudan
Meroe, Sudan

The Temples and Pyramids of Nubian Sudan

Uncover Nubian pyramids, Kushite temples and crumbling cemeteries – all engulfed by the golden sands of the eastern Sahara. Encounter the traditional Nubian culture of this remote region and explore Sudan’s ancient desert ruins, harking back to Nubia’s long-forgotten heyday.

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