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Cruise the Coralline Seychelles



16 Days

Prices Start from

£11,750 (ex. flights)

Island-hop along this fascinating archipelago, towards the forgotten island of Aldabra, known as the ‘Galapagos of Africa’. Rich in wildlife in the skies, on land and beneath the waves, this idyllic ocean environment is packed with opportunities. Dive, snorkel and explore on land, using the MV Maya’s Dugong as a floating base.

Key Highlights of this Itinerary

Aldabra, Seychelles 1

Aldabra Island

Journey to the paradisiac coral atoll of Aldabra, home to giant tortoises and wonderful bird life

Shoal of Butterflyfish and Yellowsaddle Goatfishfish on the coral reef, Aldabra Charter 2

Dive and Snorkel

Dive or snorkel some of the greatest, and least visited, underwater sites of the Indian Ocean.

Aerial View, Alphonse Island Lodge, Alphonse Island, Seychelles 3

Desert Islands

Set foot on captivating desert islands, home to phenomenal seabird populations.

MV Maya's Dugong, Seychelles 4


Share the experience with just a handful of others on this expeditionary vessel.

Why we like it

This trip offers extraordinary adventure cruising in an area of the world unknown to many. Combining subaquatic exploration with fantastic on-land experiences, it uncovers the many forms of beauty that decorate the Seychelles’ most remote atolls. Dive amongst pristine corals, walk beside giant tortoises and hear the cries of swirling frigatebirds – all whilst cruising, in comfort, through a tropical paradise.

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Day 1


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Day 3


Days 4-5


Days 6-7


Days 8-10


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Our travel experts can tailor this itinerary to suit you.

Boobies on coral rock, Seychelles, Aldabra Charter


Renowned for its birdlife and thriving population of giant tortoises, this isolated island paradise is the second largest coral atoll in the word. The focal point of the trip, the island is renowned for its wonderful birdlife and large population of giant tortoises.

Stay here for three days, exploring below the waves and stepping ashore in search of wildlife. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and protected area, this fragile ecosystem is accessible only to a few.

Alphonse, Seychelles
Alphonse, Seychelles

The Voyage

On the way to and from Aldabra – the most southwesterly point of the trip – the MV Maya’s Dugong will stop off at a number of the small islands that make up the Seychelles Archipelago. These include Silhouette, Desroches, Alphonse, Cosmoledo, Astove and Assumption.

Although this ocean voyage covers a vast distance, venturing to the fringes of this desert-island nation, only two days are spent crossing empty seas. By island-hopping from one fascinating atoll to another, have the chance to explore remote, sand-fringed islands – lost amidst the expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Alphonse, Seychelles
Alphonse, Seychelles


Dive beneath the waves and explore the reefs, sandbanks and channels and lagoons that decorate the edges of these island paradises. The dive schedule will be flexible and relaxed, with time split between diving and other activities.

Rich underwater landscapes litter the world beneath the waves. Shoals of butterflyfish shimmer beyond the sands of Assumption, hammerhead sharks and sea turtles cruise past the pristine coral walls below Astove and menacing barracuda stalk the Gorgonian fan corals of Alphonse.

Those wishing to dive will be required to have a PADI Open Water Diver qualification, or equivalent certification, prior to the trip. This course can be completed at numerous locations in the UK and requires no diving experience. On the other hand, snorkelling is available to all.

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Snorkeling, Alphonse Island Lodge, Alphonse Island, Seychelles
Alphonse Island Lodge, Alphonse, Seychelles


For those who do not wish to dive, snorkelling excursions will be available. The trip’s flexible nature means that the group can easily be split, allowing some to dive whilst others snorkel. And with the abundance of natural beauty beneath the waves, there is much to be seen close to the surface. Snorkelling sites will often differ from the diving locations, showcasing marine life and coral formations at a more accessible depth.

Frigatebird in flight, Aldabra Charter

Island Visits

Step ashore and explore a number of the islands that litter this scattered archipelago. Land on Silhouette and wander amongst the endangered plant and animal species, including the Seychelles sheat-tailed bat. Experience deserted solitude on Cosmoledo, visiting the last breeding site for brown boobies and spotting rare Madagascar white-eyes.

Discover the eerie sailors’ graves and bleached turtle bones that scatter the shores of Astove, before watching Caspian terns dive in a shallow lagoon. Visit the giant tortoises of Aldabra and marvel at the endemic birdlife, including the rare Aldabra rail.

MV Maya's Dugong, Seychelles

The Ship

The MV Maya’s Dugong is a 40-metre expeditionary vessel unlike any other in Seychelles, with exceptionally high fuel capacity offering the opportunity for long-distance cruises. Both efficient and economical, it boasts large deck space and modern equipment to handle a wide range of tasks on the open sea.

Originally built as a research vessel by the Canadian government, the Maya’s Dugong was completely retro-fitted in the early 2000s as a private yacht, before being overhauled once again in 2009 to accommodate charters and cabin cruise voyages.

It now serves as an oceanographic and expedition cruising vessel throughout the Indian Ocean, an ideal platform for discovering the islands’ most exciting and hard-to-reach places. With just seven spacious air-conditioned guest cabins, each with an en-suite bathroom, the ship is small and exclusive.

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