Sosian Lodge has had a full month of rain in November and is beautifully green, full of nesting birds and baby impalas, warthogs and wild dogs!

The Sosian pack denned on the 28th of October in the same site they chose two years ago amongst some rocks about 2km from the lodge. The pups are usually kept hidden in the den for approx three weeks after their birth and once they are allowed to see the light of day the alpha female keeps a very close eye on them. At this stage, they are very susceptible to lion predation and in other parts of Africa where lions are more prevalent, there are incidents reported of whole litters being killed by lions, keen to eradicate any potential competition for food.

Seeing wild dogs pups on hunting forays with adult dogs is a fascinating encounter. The adults will, of course, make the kill but will immediately stand down and allow the pups prime position on the carcass. We will be in close contact with Sosian over the next few weeks and will be sure to keep you informed on the wild dog pup’s progress.

For more information about our wild dog tours to Kenya, please contact our Kenya specialists.

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Author: Steppes Travel