There is an unfounded perception amongst many western people that because the Russian government is flexing its international muscles, that it has become dangerous to travel in Russia. This notion could not be further from the truth.

Russia is dying economically and with a 100% fall in the value of the Rouble, a country, that was once considered one of the most expensive in the world, has become one of the most affordable. You are welcomed with open arms! £30/head for dinner in the top restaurants.

St Petersburg in the snow is a magical experience and just 3 hours away it is perfect for a long weekend. Four days and you can see all the main palaces and museums. Take advantage of the downturn and go! It might not last (actually it will for a time!).

The seduction of St Petersburg – Be inspired by our favourite shows

War & Peace

In a new adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s timeless novel, three young people experience life, love and loss against the epic backdrop of Russia’s wars with Napoleon.

Reinventing Russia

Lucy Worsley travels to Russia to tell the extraordinary story of the dynasty that ruled the country for more than three centuries. It’s an epic tale that includes giant figures such as Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, the devastating struggle against Napoleon in 1812, and the political murders of Nicholas II and his family in 1918 which brought the dynasty to a brutal end.

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Author: Steppes Travel