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I say “don’t miss out” as, over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a spike in interest in travelling to Latin America. Availability will soon be an issue…

From watching Grey whales migrate to Baja California’s Pacific coast to stalking jaguars in the Pantanal, from a different kind of space travel in north-west Argentina to traversing the deserts and salt flats of Chile Bolivia, we’ve put together some of our, and indeed your, favourite places to discover.

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October – December


From the glacial landscapes of windswept Patagonia to the dusty salt pans of the Atacama, Chile is a land of wild vistas and national parks (in large thanks to the Tompkins family spending hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase and “rewild” swaths of land).

Why? The northern hemisphere winter is the perfect time to visit Chile when all of its desert and mountain landscapes can be combined in one trip without fear of bad weather.

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Boat, Pouso de cajaiba,Paraty, Rio de janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Brazil stretches from the Amazon basin in the north to the colossal Iguazu Falls in the south. With wildlife-rich wetlands, spectacular beaches and colourful culture, this vast country is alive with sights.

Why? This is a quieter time to visit, avoiding major holiday periods. It is one of the best times of year for wildlife, with high concentrations of wading birds and a good chance of spotting jaguars.

We recommend: Brazilian Amazon and the Pantanal

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January – March

Many great civilisations have left their mark on Mexico. Trek through vine-covered pyramids around the Yucatan Peninsula and wander through the heritage towns littered with colonial architecture.

Why? Two of Mexico’s most exciting natural events coincide in January and February. Grey whales migrate to Baja California’s Pacific coast to mate and calve, whilst monarch butterflies congregate in their millions in the southern highlands.

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Pacuare Lodge, Canopy Suite, Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica
Pacuare Lodge, Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Earthshot’s ‘Protect and Restore Nature’ winner Costa Rica is a small country blessed with a variety of biospheres. Habitats ranging from cloud forests to coastal mangroves lie within reach of one another, making this wealth of biodiversity incredibly accessible.

Why? This is by far the most comfortable time to explore Costa Rica’s natural highlights and the best chance of seeing the impressive volcano-dotted interior and palm-fringed coasts under clear blue skies.

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Travel Between

April – June

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Chile & Bolivia

Journey from the driest desert in the world to the largest salt flat on earth. Cross the Altiplano, exploring the Atacama Desert in Chile, the vast salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia and everything in between. Follow a section of an ancient Inca trail and traverse remote yet culturally rich landscapes peppered with volvanic mountains, tranquil lagoons and Andean wetlands.

Why? The dry season is perfect for exploring the southern Altiplano. Over the next few months, you can expect to see the dry salt desert deliver its iconic mirror effect.

We recommend: Deserts & Salt Flats of Chile & Bolivia


A country that conjures up vibrant images of Castro, classic cars and cigars, Cuba is a nation shaped by the geopolitics of the 20th century. This diverse island offers a wealth of nostalgia, vibrant culture, abundant wildlife and sweeping white beaches.

Why? It’s getting warmer and a little wetter but you won’t have to jostle through the streets of Old Havana. Visit over May Day to see revolutionary fervour in full force.

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Travel Between

July – September

Gaucho, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina
San Antonio de Areco, Argentina


A frenetic melting pot of vibrant culture and dramatic terrains, Argentina offers everything from horseback gallops across sweeping pampas to nights spent mingling with locals in Buenos Aires’s wine bars.

Why? Combine time in cultured Buenos Aires with an exploration of the country’s north whilst temperatures are comfortable and sunshine frequent. Add in the thundering spectacle of the Iguazu Falls to complete the trip.

We recommend: Deserts & Gauchos of North-West Argentina


This is a small country of oversized sights. Giant river otters and giant anteaters can be found here, but it is the Kaieteur Falls that truly tower over the landscape. This thundering waterfall is five times the height of Niagara.

Why? This is a great time to visit the falls and when they’re at their most dramatic. The wet season has just ended and the Potaro River will be thundering over the edge at full capacity.

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