As part of our 2019 Steppes Fund for Change initiative, we partnered with 20 community-led projects helping to mitigate climate change through education, conservation and community development.

The who, where and how – explore the 20 small projects that we’re supporting as they make a big impact in their local communities. It’s a privilege to know that every tailor-made holiday or expert-led group tour that we create is making a difference around the world.

The Americas

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

This foundation works to protect the wildlife of the Great Bear Rainforest, by acquiring the commercial trophy hunting rights to the Kitlope tenure to stop such activities occurring.

Galapagos Conservation Trust

The Galapagos Conservation Trust works with young girls to build -up their self-confidence and skills for a brighter future.

Kichwa Anangu Community

The Steppes Fund for Change will enable the Kichwa Anangu Community in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador to receive classroom resources to better early childhood education.

ECOAN: Andean Ecosystems

ECOAN is working to preserve the fragile Andean ecosystems, through the development of three sustainable women’s textiles associations in the Vilcanta Mountains, Peru.

Birdlife International

The Albatross Task Force aims to reduce the bycatch of albatross and petrels through the education of fishermen, to ultimately improve the conservation status of threatened seabirds.


African Parks

African Parks runs a mobile clinic in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, in the Congo, which provides quality education and healthcare to women.

Fallen Rangers

The rangers of Virunga National Park, in the Congo, sacrificed their lives to protect the wildlife of the park; consequently, the park has a duty to take care of those left behind via the Widows Workshop.

Conservation Through Public Health

Conservation Through Public Health aims to protect gorillas in Bwindi, Uganda by providing household-level health services to community members.


The Steppes Fund for Change supports the Masizakhe Youth Art Project (MYAP) in Gugulethu, Cape Town, which provides educational support and development through dance, singing and drama.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Durrell is working with local communities in Madagascar’s Menabe-Antimena Protected Area to preserve and restore forest habitat through community-led patrolling and reforestation efforts.

Indian Subcontinent

Sambhali Trust

Sambhali Trust empowers marginalised women and children from poor communities in Jodhpur, India by providing a broad education and vocational training in sewing.

Chhanv Foundation

Chhanv Foundation focuses mainly on the prevention of acid attacks and the welfare of acid attack survivors through free medical treatments and post-attack support in finding employment.

Wild Shaale

The Steppes Fund for Change will support the Wild Shaale environmental-conservation education programme, which aims to increase the tolerance and awareness of precious wildlife in India. 

OSCAR Foundation

The Steppes Fund for Change will support the OSCAR Foundation’s #kicklikeagirl programme as it works to empower young girls living in Mumbai to stay in education.

Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre provides daily education, food, welfare, medical treatment and loving support to children living in extreme poverty in southwestern Sri Lanka.

South-East Asia

Lampi Foundation

The Lampi Foundation runs various conservation projects, and offer mainland education for the children of Wa Ale Island, known for being a hub of illegal activities.

Ponheary Ly Foundation

The Ponheary Ly Foundation works to provide meaningful education and a safe place to learn for some of the brightest, and yet most disenfranchised, young women in northern Cambodia.


The objective of Bali WISE is to empower poor, marginalised and at-risk young women by increasing their access to skilled employment.

Misool Foundation

The objective of Bali WISE is to empower poor, marginalised and at-risk young women by increasing their access to skilled employment.


Koala Clancy Foundation

The Koala Clancy Foundation aims to create and protect koala habitat through the planting of thousands of trees to restore lost habitats.

Koala hanging in tree
Koala Clancy Foundation, Australia

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