Each time we go ashore we are greeted with large smiles and small faces shouting “One photo please, photo please”. Young boys try to stand very close to me and get their friends to take pictures from afar. I know this tactic all too well now.

Today I spotted a man following us around taking pictures of us and he was far from discreet. The pen in the top right-hand pocket, smart brown slacks and well-oiled hair gave him away amongst a crowd of loincloths and colourful saris but I confronted him anyway. It turns out that he’s a local reporter for The Hindustan Times. He had heard that a large ship was sailing from Patna to Farakka. The ABN Rajmahal was in uncharted waters and he wanted to let everyone in the area know about the huge boat that had been drifting past their farms and homes.

I and my fellow ABN Rajmahal passengers are going to be famous. I am off into town tomorrow to buy myself a copy.

Newly built for service on the Hoogly and Ganges, the Rajmahal has been built with a shallow draft to cope with shallow waters. A larger boat with 22 cabins split between upper and main deck, the Rajmahal has a small spa and vast canopied sun-deck compliments the communal areas, all keeping with traditional Indian inspired designs.

Watch the ever-changing colourful landscapes float by, with villagers rushing to the banks to wave vigorously at you and wildlife amidst the wilderness in India. Get in touch with our India team for more information on our river cruises.

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Kate Hitchen

Author: Kate Hitchen