The snowfall in the build-up to Christmas has caused severe disruption to holiday plans and much disappointment and anguish for families. We have tried our best to rebook, reschedule or rearrange where possible, but our efforts have been frequently thwarted by a lack of information coming from both the airports and airlines coupled with already overbooked flights. We even had members of the Traveller team on hand at Heathrow airport to help and Irenie was called at 04:00 through our emergency contact system. I have always maintained that anyone can set up a travel company, but it is how you deal with an emergency that sets you apart.

In addition, there is conflicting information being broadcasted as to what refund is due in the event of a cancellation.

To make it clear. If an individual has booked their own international flights and has used a travel company to book their ground arrangements, then the individual has taken the risk to deliver themselves to their intended destination. While the travel company should make every effort to rearrange the holiday, there is no legal requirement for them to do so, and, in the event they fail to reschedule, no refund is due. It simply reinforces the fact that while one can occasionally buy airline tickets online at a slightly cheaper rate than dealing through an agent, the security of booking a complete package through an agent far outweighs the small cost saving.

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Author: Steppes Travel