Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge is an ideal place to scuba dive – whether you are a learner or an experienced diver, there is something for everyone.

For beginners, it offers divers entry from the shore, with a gradual slope towards the wall of the continental shelf. The shelf edge is teaming with stunning fish and beautiful coral.

Further along from the Nanatha Point, there is a wall that runs for the complete circumference of the Baixo. This has somewhere in the region of 15km of wall diving and an endless amount of dive sites. One of the great advantages of diving at Nuarro is that only lodge divers will be on the reefs. So, you get the whole reef to yourself and dive times are usually dictated by air supply and not the need to get back for the next boat of divers. Best of all, it’s still pioneering stuff – we believe that there are still exciting reefs to be discovered!

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Illona Cross, Tanzania

Author: Illona Cross