There is only one thing you’ll be doing as you walk through the entrance to Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia; your feet continue ahead of you, eyes wide and staring straight ahead out of the sweeping floor to ceiling windows onto the turquoise waters of the Southern Ocean. ‘LOOK AT THAT VIEW’ I say loudly to my companions, ‘I mean just look at it! Now that is what you call a view! Is that not one of the best views you have seen?’

I take control again a few seconds later and turn to take in the rest of the lobby; a tear-dropped fireplace revolves from the ceiling, its gentle glow seems so welcoming. It’s not even cold outside. A hot tub bubbles on the balcony, glasses of drinks are being poured by the open bar and in the distance, I see a trickle of guests walking down to the beach.

As I am shown to my room, I look left at the endless scrubland that sweeps to the horizon. There are no roads, no buildings, telegraph wires or shops, that’s when you realise just how perfectly the lodge has been designed to blend into the environment. We reach my room – Kona – so named along with the other suites after shipwrecks that had crashed off the treacherous reefs of Kangaroo Island, I spend time taking in my new space, a sunken lounge and open plan bathroom. No need to draw blinds or curtains, undisturbed panoramas continue for that perfect view.

Whilst here I take in different parts of Kangaroo Island. Headland walks along the cliffs, the water so so blue and osprey nests dotted as you go. Walks along the beach, cycle rides and excursions to Seals Bay with its resident seals, Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks. Back at the lodge, there is more time to relax. Early evening kangaroo watching with canapés are on the agenda, this time a wildlife tour spotting echidnas and fields brim-full with kangaroos.

Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo island provides more than a lodge experience. Captivating coastal views, exceptional food and service make it one of the best places I have ever stayed. A sanctuary of comfort, as the candles flicker and the distant rumble of the ocean – I could stay here for some time!

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Author: Steppes Travel