Dudhwa National Park reopens on the 16th November this year. Wildlife lovers trickled in by the handful last season and they were greatly rewarded for their efforts of travelling through Uttar Pradesh towards the Nepalese border. I was fortunate to be one of them.

Dudhwa offers amazing sightings without the stresses of Central Indian parks. Last season there were daily sightings of rhino, crocodile, deer, snakes and numerous birds. The elusive tiger and leopard have given fantastic sightings on many occasions. The local area itself, inside or outside Dudhwa National Park is so pristine that I spotted a young leopard only metres away from my vehicle whilst travelling through the buffer zones.

Currently there is only one lodge in the vicinity. Jaagir Lodge oozes family and community history and holds strong ties with the surrounding Jaagir village. Having only recently opened doors to tourism, it has delivered a luxury stay in the wilderness and has teamed up with outstanding naturalists.

Unlike other parks there is no issue with the availability of safari Jeeps – no online bookings and no queue. Don’t leave it too late to visit. The bureaucracy has not arrived as the government has seemingly overlooked this sleepy backwater of India. You can reach Dudhwa NP by flying to Lucknow and driving 3.5 hours north. Contact our experts to organise a tailor-made wildlife holiday to Dudhwa today.

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Author: Steppes Travel