I am back. 4,500 mile round trip up through Norway by motorbike. Ferry from Harwich to Denmark, quick ride to the north and another ferry over to Kristiansand. A night in the quirky Dalen Hotel and then to Bergen with its UNESCO waterfront full of colour, noise and restaurants. Great for a weekend. Then north following the coast, ferries, fjords, steep zigzag climbs into the snow line and down again to another fjord. Glorious hotels and truly the most spectacular scenery I have seen in years. Beautiful (and I hate superlatives). Eye wateringly expensive. Highlight was the Lofoten island staying in a renovated fisherman’s hut. Sounds a bit grim but far from it. Great charm and delicious food. Fly direct to Tromso and go for the weekend between June and September but beware July/August is high season with too many people.

Came back through Sweden. Trees, trees, house, trees, trees, lake, house, trees, trees but finished in Oslo and spent time at the museums. Again well worth a visit. Love Norway

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Author: Steppes Travel