A few more days have been added to my life!

I was in Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador a few days ago, the area known as the valley of the immortals. For some reason there is a large number of people living to over 100 years of age. Theories are that it is due to the year round spring climate, clean air, and fresh spring water.

The small town itself is very pretty with a traditional main square, surrounded by a church, a couple of restaurants and houses. It is set in a beautiful valley with steep-sided mountains covered in lush vegetation. It is such a peaceful, relaxing place to spend some time, I do feel refreshed and can quite see how the stress-free life and beauty of the surroundings could add a few days to anyone’s life. I would definitely recommend this area to anyone wanting to see a quiet, friendly part of Ecuador off the beaten track.

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Author: Steppes Travel