After a recent holiday to Kenya and Zanzibar Steppes Discovery’s Deborah West gives us a snippet of her fantastic wildlife holiday. She was lucky enough to capture the above photo of a newly born giraffe on one magically safari.

Kicheche Mara Camp:

Coming down the track to the Kicheche Mara Camp for the first time gave us an insight as to what we would call home for the next three nights – remote luxury tents nestling in the beautiful Acacia Valley with Thomson Gazelles grazing in the foreground. On arrival we had a wonderful reception from the Camp Managers, Simon and Olivia, they were so warm and friendly.

It feels like home already as we settled in our spacious tent, delicious food was served to us looking over the beautiful surroundings, we were totally spoilt.

We were up early for game drives, to get the best photography and viewing of the wildlife rising from their slumber, there was never a dull moment and always something to see. Our Maasai guide, David, was quietly spoken and very knowledgeable about his culture and the surrounding wildlife. He did not fail us and we managed to see everything we hoped for, even the bonus baby giraffe, born about 30 minutes prior to our arrival. Still staggering to get on his feet, being nursed by the mother, a wonderful site.

The highlight – well it had to be the leopard. Sleeping on a branch, you had to be a good spotter to find him and David was the man for the job. He never failed and it was our last game drive too, I am sure he was leaving the best to last!!

And then to Zanzibar…

Breezes Baraza:

If you are planning a holiday to Zanzibar… save your pennies and go to the Breezes Baraza, you will not be disappointed. We were overwhelmed with the beauty and spacious opulence of the bungalows. It was a struggle to leave and I will definitely be saving my pennies for a return trip. The service was exceptional, the food delicious, the weather unbroken sunshine – perfect!

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Author: Steppes Travel