I flew into Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island today. The largest Island and one of the youngest in the Galapagos. After leaving my bags at the hotel, I jumped in a small boat with my guide and off we went to explore this paradise.

Five minutes from leaving the shore I was face to face with a Galapagos penguin and Blue Footed Boobie as they sat sharing the same rock. Setting foot onto the small island of Los Tintoreras, we literally had to step over huge numbers of Marine Iguanas just lounging around soaking up the sun. It is almost as if they have all been put there just for the tourists, obviously this isn’t the case, they are in their natural surroundings and have no fear of humans so just sit and watch as you pass by.

After a short walk we then got into the water and were immediately surrounded by playful sea-lions, blowing bubbles and diving all around us. They followed us the whole time swimming round and trying to get us to play, like a couple of young children having fun in the water. We also saw two green turtles gliding effortlessly along, numerous fish and a couple of sting rays flapping like serene birds in the water. Not a bad introduction to this wonderful island, all this in just one afternoon, as my guide said “this is just the way it is in the Galapagos”.

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Author: Steppes Travel