His name was Able, and he was my porter for the day, not only did he carry my rucksack but practically carried me too, up and down the steep slippery slopes of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, making sure I did not stumble. It was as if he had a second sense and knew when I needed his help; I can certainly recommend hiring a porter for the day!

It was a varied trek and I was stunned by the beauty and the remoteness of where we were heading. I felt like an explorer trekking through uncharted territory to chance an encounter with the Mountain Gorilla. When we finally found them they were on the move in the densest steepest vegetation I have ever come across. I did not think they would ever stop and settle but my guide assured me they will want to eat and sleep soon!

After about 15 minutes of quietly following them, they finally rested and spread themselves out amongst the bushes and trees, our guide beckoned us over to a safe distance to capture those moments on camera. Viewing such tremendous wild animals, especially the Silverback was a privileged insight, they were content eating, sleeping, making noises with not a care in the world… oh to be a Mountain Gorilla!

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Author: Steppes Travel