Following on from another successful Congo and Central African tour, it seems that our group have been very lucky with wildlife, both at Dzanga Bai, but also closer to the lodge itself.

One of our guests awoke early one morning to the sound of chimps across the river, so with a coffee in hand they sat on their balcony watching fishermen head out through the mist in the pirogues accompanied by the calls of several Spot Breasted Ibis that were flying overhead as the sun rose.

The gorillas themselves have also been closer to camp, but the gorilla tracking in the forest yielded even great rewards and with the Ba’Aka guides leading the way, our group were treated to a newborn gorilla infant, only hours old! Plenty of elephants at the Bai on both days, along with buffaloes, sitatunga, giant forest hog and on one day, three groups of rare and elusive bongos came in; a total of 27 individuals.

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Chris Johnston

Author: Chris Johnston