Israel is one of the most expectation defying destinations we have ever visited. Many think of Israel as the Holy Land, or a place too infrequently on the news, or perhaps even as the 1970s kibbutz holiday destination. While it is indeed packed with stunning churches and religious sites, and it’s true that tensions flare up from time to time, these aspects do not hint at the energy, creativity or intellect of the place – never mind its diversity and complexity.

Another thing about Israel is the food. The food is so good that at one point we considered focusing our entire Steppes group tour to Israel & Palestine on culinary treasures. Freshness, creativity and a mishmash of immigrant cooking cultures are amongst the most important ingredients. It is little wonder that Israeli food is taking over London with swanky restaurants such as the Coal Shed, the Barbary, Palomar and Honey & Co, not to mention the ever popular Ottolenghi – now somewhat of an institution.

If you care about the history and future of the West: about how the past has shaped the present, and how heavenly beliefs create earthly realities; if you relish exclusive meetings with true experts – as well as a good debate, then we look forward to seeing you on our group tour in September. You should also come along if you just want to eat exceptionally well!

Travel to Israel and Palestine on a journey through Biblical Lands, alongside an amazing array of experts, on our small group tour in September 2019. For more information about this group tour, click here. 

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Author: Steppes Travel