It’s almost a job to know where to start, I’m one week into the most fabulous trip of Australia I could possibly imagine.

This isn’t my first time to the country, in fact, I was here over 10 years ago travelling along the coast in a beat-up old camper van eating peanut butter sandwiches and tinned hot dogs. After all these years it’s not just me who’s changed but Australia has too.

Adelaide is not the sleepy town I was expecting as I arrive after my 28 hour flight; it is littered with colonial buildings and low rise skyscrapers. When the sun sets the streets came alive, much like a carnival with restaurants serving food from all over the world. Delicious barbecue smoke wafting along the alleys, wok-fried prawns and cured cheeses plus cold beers being poured from a recently refurbished pub which happens to be the oldest building in the entire city – 1876!

Light sleep often comes with that first night away in a different country but I’d be tempted to put it down to excitement. After an early breakfast, I’ve picked up the hire car. Today’s destination is the Flinders ranges in South Australia, 5 hours from Adelaide. Not a scratch on a map, this is Australia after all. The journey has been cleverly strung together to give me time to explore the Clare Valley and its fabulous vineyards. Grilled snapper and homemade bread, washed down with a glass of Reisling really has to be recommended. The view is fabulous, rolling green hills dotted with palm trees and grapevines.

The drive continues as the landscape changes with the miles. I didn’t realise just how close the outback really is to the city and soon the soil has turned a darker red and hardy looking bushes replace the green. Onwards to our outback accommodation for the night – Arkaba Station.

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Author: Steppes Travel