Author, photographer and conservationist, David Plummer is in his element when watching and photographing wildlife. For most of the year David can be found at his beloved Scrag copse in Sussex where he hosts a range of wildlife workshops from badger watching to forest bird photography. He also works as photographer for Sussex Wildlife Trust and teaches nature photography on their beautiful reserve at Woods Mill.

It takes something special to entice David away from Britain’s wildlife, however, the carrot of photographing the world’s most beautiful yet endangered wildlife is difficult to resist. David has long had a love affair with the Pantanal in Brazil where he visits every year to photograph jaguars and recently had to fight off an alligator that took a liking to his camera lens! With Steppes Discovery, David is pursuing his interest in endangered mammals and will be leading a number of photography trips around the world, starting in January with a trip to Rwanda to track mountain gorillas, followed by a trip in March to India to photograph tigers.

These trips are for anybody with a love of wildlife and in interest in photography. Whether a beginner or an experienced amateur, David will spend time helping to hone your photographic skills and making sure you are getting the most out of your camera. David shares our commitment to the mantra ‘the wildlife comes first’ so all trips will be run according to strict responsible travel guidelines while still giving you fabulous opportunities to photograph the world’s most enigmatic wildlife.

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Author: Steppes Travel