The Pacific Yellowfin is based on the West Coast of British Columbia; rugged coastline and the perfect getaway for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Here are my reasons for why travelling on the Pacific Yellowfin is a must on your British Columbia holiday.

1) The search for the Spirit Bear

As one of the richest ecosystems in the world containing 25% of the remaining intact temperate rainforests, the Great Bear Rainforest is home to prolific wildlife making it the perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The rare white Spirit bear is unique to this region and can be found in specific areas accessible only by boat. In the presence of a Gitga’at Spirit Bear keeper, view these extraordinary species in their natural habitat whilst feeding on the rich salmon-filled waters.

2) Wildlife

The rich ecosystem of the Great Bear Rainforest supports a vast array of wildlife both on land and in the surrounding waters. Large mammals include the grizzly, black and spirit bears along with the more allusive grey wolves and wolverine. In the waters a myriad of species including harbour seals, sea otters, Pacific white-sided dolphins and Stella Sea Lions are common to this area along with the whale species of Humpback, Fin and Orcas making for a highly varied wildlife experience.

3) The Pacific Yellowfin

Those fortunate to have travelled on a small vessel will appreciate how the size of a boat will impact the viewing opportunities of both the scenery and wildlife. The shallow hull allows the exploration of the most remote and slight inlets and to get up close to the wildlife. The Pacific Yellowfin is the finest vessel of all those on west coast Canada; a refurbished WWII yacht, it has been exquisitely finished with beautiful hardwood furnishings to offer a spacious viewing platform with a capacity of just 12 passengers. The engine room is in itself a highlight with immaculately restored original engines that have powered the Yellowfin for over 60 years.

4) The Crew

Whilst west coast BC sells itself, the addition of an expert team makes exploring not only more informative but also far more exciting. Captain Colin Griffinson’s passion is infectious, having sailed these waters for a decade along with his team of 4. Their knowledge of the fishing hot spots, wildlife, beautiful hikes and secret waterfalls combine to make for a captivating sailing adventure.

5) September in British Columbia

Whilst the summer season is fantastic for wildlife viewing, September is the peak bear viewing season. By this time the salmon run is already underway making the run upstream to spawn in the river system. This draws the bears to the rivers congregating in high numbers to feast on this rich food source making for fantastic viewing and photographic opportunities.

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Roxy Dukes, Galapagos

Author: Roxy Dukes