We walked from early morning, passing farmland and locals threshing rice and tending to their livestock. The valley view, the crystal clear streams and blankets of blue primulas encouraged me to keep moving on.

Walking in Bhutan is immensely rewarding but not always a gentle stroll. The atmosphere was calm and serene and as we arrived in Laktsapha village, our camp for the night. My legs were heavy but my spirits soared like the towering snow-capped peaks watching over us.

Traditional Bhutanese houses with their carved façades and painted doors set the scene with flame-red poinsettias adding to the colour. Smiling faces of the local people looked down on us from shuttered windows, amused by the sight of us setting up our tents and preparing for a refreshing, if rather chilly bucket shower. Sitting outside my tent I gazed down over the sweeping valley below, rice terraces and temples dotting the view and then, one of the best sights of the afternoon – our cook Namgay heading towards me with an ice-cold beer and a slice of cake – blissful Bhutan indeed.

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Author: Steppes Travel