Not that I would recommend this to my clients, but I am very much looking forward to watching Ben Fogle attempt a swim with Australia’s most aggressive of all reptiles, the saltwater crocodile.

I believe he will be travelling through beautiful Kakadu National Park, accessed from Darwin and in addition to the entertainment factor a serious side will also be addressed. Ben and a pioneering science team are in Australia’s Northern Territory in an attempt to find, swim with and study a Saltwater crocodile. Unfortunately, as time goes by, humans and crocodiles are sharing more and more territory and the work is more important than ever before as increased conflict is inevitable. Also during the programme, Ben uncovers the complicated relationship between crocodile and man when he meets a grief-stricken aboriginal elder whose favourite giant ‘boss’ crocodile has been shot dead.

The team find it almost impossible to find the right conditions to dive with a ‘saltie’ and, when they do, they have no idea how it will react. This is a rare opportunity to see this incredible creature up close.

Tune in on Sunday 26th February at 9 pm on BBC2.

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Author: Steppes Travel