What will the weather be like?

This is a question rightly asked by clients travelling to far-flung destinations wanting to get the best from their well-deserved holiday. Of course, we can never say for sure but do steer them towards the right months.

However, sometimes a short sharp downpour can be the making of memories. I was travelling in Cambodia and during one of my visits to the epic temples at Angkor, the heavens opened.

What a joy.

While most tourists ran for cover, I and a few local children rolled up our trousers and took off our shoes. We splashed through puddles, clambered over the roots of strangler fig trees and marvelled at the Bayon carvings. The smell of fresh rain on the warm stone and huge drops plopping to the ground has stayed with me since.

Sometimes the best experiences come when you least expect it.

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Sally Walters

Author: Sally Walters