“There was no denying his passion for travel, endeavouring to document the beauty of largely unknown people at their most proud.”

As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration it was an honour and a privilege to have Jimmy Nelson talk about his latest project Before They Pass Away.

Having heard about the project last Autumn, the excitement in the company to see him live grew rapidly. Watching various online and TV interviews – CNN, Al Jazeera and his own TEDx talk to name a few – we were certainly very lucky to have him join us for the evening!

With a shared passion for travel, learning and an enthusiasm to share experiences, hundreds joined us at the Royal Geographical Society, London last week.

From the Kazakh women who, inspite of religious and cultural boundaries, helped save his life, to the beautiful yet fierce nature of the Samburu tribe in Kenya, guests were treated to a heartwarming insight into travel that is truly beyond the ordinary.

Jimmy also touched upon the wild and raw nature of Papua New Guinea, offering a unique and diverse travel experience, with so many different cultures and languages to learn about; “beyond the senses of what we are used to”.

For Jimmy, photography simply isn’t just about the photo created, but the relationship that is built in taking that photo. In fact the picture is just the catalyst for something much greater. Creating a bond, despite barriers, that unites and allows us to share between one and another, to learn from one and another.

As Justin Wateridge commented, Jimmy indeed encapsulates what we believe travel to be: “Understanding and appreciating the great diversity of the world around us…all with a sense of fun and laughter”.

We hope you are as inspired as we are to continue to travel and explore. You can watch the highlights of the event or listen to the talk in full on our podcast below.

Thanks for reading

Nadia Hussain, Kenya

Author: Steppes Travel