*Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates, Edgar Evans* & *Robert Falcon Scott*

Always referred to as “Scott and his men” those unnamed men who died with Scott on their fateful return journey were no less important.

Dr Edward Wilson who was fondly known as Uncle Bill was a Bachelor of Medicine, and had a first-class degree in Natural Sciences as well as being an accomplished artist. He is credited as being one of Scott’s closet friends, he had travelled to Antarctica on Scotts earlier Discovery Expedition and was one of the three who took the “worst journey in the world” with Henry Bowers and Apsley Cherry Garrard, to collect Emperor penguin eggs.

Henry “Birdie” Bowers had never travelled to Antarctica prior to this trip and was not originally listed for the expedition to the pole, but during the voyage he proved to be exceptionally organised with extraordinary powers of memory and an excellent navigator. He had accompanied Wilson on the winter trek to collect Emperor penguin eggs.

Lawrence (Titus) Oates will forever be known for saying “I am just going outside and may be some time”. Knowing that his deteriorating health was compromising the group, he selflessly walked out into the blizzard in the hope that his friends would make it back. His chief role on the expedition was to look after the horses.

Edgar Evans nearly missed the entire expedition by falling into the sea while drunk; he was forgiven his misdemeanours due to his resourcefulness and hard-working nature. He suffered a number of accidents and died of a head injury during the return journey near the base of the Beardmore Glacier.

If you have been inspired by these brave men or Roald Amundsen who successfully returned from the South Pole, then 2012 is the centenary year and the ideal date to consider travelling.

For a lucky few there is the chance to stand on the South Pole one hundred years to the day after either Amundsen’s party on the 14th of December 1911 or Scott’s party on the 17th of January 1912. You can either take a challenging two-week ski-in option or a more comfortable 8 day fly-in option. Celebrate these great achievements at the South Pole and learn about the current research that is being carried out. We also offer cruises to the Peninsula region at this time.

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Sue Grimwood, Russian Arctic

Author: Sue Grimwood