Arriving in a thunderstorm, after my journey on the overnight bus from Salta, “Bienvenidos a Corrientes” (Welcome to Corrientes) was my welcome, for which I replied thank you and thought I do hope this clears soon! We then set off on the four-hour journey by 4×4, as the rain cleared and it began to get light, the real gaucho territory of Argentina and some incredible wildlife revealed itself.

Yesterday I rode through the diverse habitat of Ibera. What could be better than riding on a comfortable horse admiring capybara, parrots flying past with twigs to build their nests, Crab-eater Foxes scavenging for food, Chinchilla’s coming out at dusk whilst watching the sunset! You would be forgiven for thinking this sounded like Africa! Well try a safari in Ibera staying at Estancia Rincon del Socorro in Argentina, it makes for a wonderful alternative!

This morning post breakfast and whilst others were sleeping I took a 4 seater plane across to the island of Laguna Parana to visit the second small remote lodge. Accessible by plane from Posadas or Rincon del Socorro or now by boat – just an hour and a half from Corrientes. Upon arrival, there was a definite change in climate and was met by a small family of Howler Monkeys and clouds of dragonflies.

I’m now off on a boat trip on the Laguna… watch this space for further blogs…

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Author: Steppes Travel