Attenborough’s Planet Earth II will be the BBC’s most high- tech series ever, utilising ultra-high definition cameras on drones.  The experience guarantees to be immersive, allowing the viewer to travel with the animal, whilst showing the epic scale of the environment it lives in. This is utterly game changing for how documentaries are produced, uncovering stories about the natural world that we have simply never been able to witness before.

Unmanned drones let cameras get close to creatures such as the snow leopard, and follow animals where helicopters cannot fly. By using “camera traps”, the animal triggers a sensor which activate the camera to capture the footage.

Taking over three years to make this six-part series will be broadcast later this Autumn.  To learn more about our tailor made holidays to India or to join our small group tour in search of snow leopard email [email protected].

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Author: Steppes Travel