Next week sees the departure of our ultimate whale watching trip to Baja California, the best whale watching destination in the world. On board is Jo Ruxton, the irrepressible producer of the documentary film A Plastic Ocean and also Bonnie Monteleone, the Director of Science for the Plastic Ocean Project. Alongside the world famous Art Taylor, they will be giving insight into the issue of plastic pollution and imparting advice on how individuals can make a positive difference to counteract this problem. We at Steppes Travel are serious about the campaign to stop the use of single-use plastic.

The UK government attempted to recognise the extent of the problem with an announcement this week to eliminate the UK’s plastic waste by 2042. I think this measure both paltry and ineffectual. If a supermarket can aim to be plastic-free in five years, why does it take the government 25 years?

Each year eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans. The main image above was taken by our clients Dave and Judy Casey in Spitsbergen. The shocking reality stares us in the face.

Yet as my nine-year-old son said,  “Daddy, people are aware of the problem but they are doing nothing about it.” We need to do more and act more quickly.

Steppes Travel

  • Use a shampoo bar (no plastic bottles)
  • Use a deodorant bar (no plastic branding)
  • Use soap (non-palm oil variety) and not shaving foam
  • Have milk delivered in glass bottles
  • Use bamboo toothbrushes
  • Travel with a refillable bottle and ask our partners overseas to do the same
  • Use cotton shopping bags (no plastic bags)
  • Support a clean-up campaign on our Spitsbergen Arctic charter

I hope you will help create a wave of change in your own small way.

Thanks for reading

Justin Wateridge

Author: Justin Wateridge