I am sitting here at Chief’s Camp – looking out onto the delta and surrounded by herds of Ele’s and I thought (as one does!) that I would write a quick blog!

It is common knowledge that being on safari entails a lot of dust and countless game drives. But on your next safari (because trust me, there will always be a next one), allow yourself to experience the exception to the rule that is the Makgadikgadi Pans.

Within a few hours following my arrival at Camp Kalahari, I was quad biking through the pans, with the obligatory kikoy wound around my head and with the caked earth of the vast pans on either side of me. It was the most exhilarating experience. The sense of freedom and space was immense and as I followed the dusty trail ahead of me, there was something almost exploratory about the whole experience.

But the best was yet to come because once we had ventured out far enough into the pans, where there was simply nothing but space, we set off a very short distance on foot and the true beauty of the Makgadikgadi revealed itself.

The following morning was spent by a privileged few hours in the company of one of the most iconic creatures of the Kalahari, the meerkat. And if that wasn’t enough, the sunset was accompanied by a brown hyena and her two pups. It is impossible not to view this land as inhospitable and unforgiving, but dig just under the surface and you will find the most incredible treasure, especially if you know where to dig, which the Bushman trackers showed us on our morning walk.

If you want to revive your love affair with Africa or if you want to catch a glimpse of its soul, then this is the place to do it. You will leave with so much more than just dust on your boots.

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Author: Steppes Travel