Tribesman in Papua New Guinea

The best time to visit Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is equatorial and is therefore warm and humid throughout the year. Between May and September is the dry season, making it a great time to visit.

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Underwater shot, bright blue water with fish swimming around underwater wreck.

Diving is popular in Papua New Guinea due to its amazing reefs and abundance of colourful fish to discover. You can dive throughout the year, with clear waters for fabulous visibility. Explore the fjords for sponge gardens or head to the outer reefs near Tufi to discover black and white tip sharks,  as well as hammerheads, manta and eagle rays. For the more experienced, dive WWII wrecks like the Dutch’s Jacob or the aircraft B-17F Black Jack Flying Fortress.

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Visiting Papua New Guinea in January

January is the start of the rainy season, and the warmest month meaning it is a great time for diving around Tufi and Milne Bay.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in February

The peak of the rainy season and the wettest month. Not a good time to visit.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in March

The rainy season continues, especially in the Highlands, as humidity and high temperatures prevail.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in April

The rain subsides and becomes sporadic, but the heat and humidity remain. The seas flatten and visibility improves for snorkelling, especially around Milne Bay and Tufi.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in May

The start of the dry season, bringing cooler temperatures. Great time for diving and snorkelling around Milne Bay and Tufi.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in June

Peak season starts as visitor numbers increase. The country generally continues to dry out and cool slightly, with excellent snorkelling and diving conditions.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in July

This is the driest and most popular month to visit. Accommodation may cost a little more than usual, with festivals happening. It is the best time to hike in the highlands.

National Mask & Warwagira Festival

Visiting Papua New Guinea in August

The coolest month, with night frosts above 2,000 metres. A great time for hiking, and snorkelling is still possible in most regions.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in September

A quieter time starts after the European and Australasian school holidays. Easier to find accommodation, and it starts to be a good time for snorkelling around Milne Bay again.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in October

The end of the dry season, as temperatures and rainfall increase gradually. Good snorkelling conditions right across the country.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in November

The start of the wet season, with rainfall common, especially in the Highlands. Visitor numbers remain low.

Visiting Papua New Guinea in December

The wet season is picking up pace, with the Highlands getting rain showers most days and roads becoming impassable. The coastal weather off Milne Bay is better so it is best to stick to the coast.

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