Fitz Roy Peaks, El Chalten,  Argentina

Holidays in Argentina

An Argentinian holiday is one in which sophistication and adventure lie side by side.  Few countries offer the same diversity as Argentina, unfolding landscapes of all kinds and all the seasons in a single holiday. By day, spend time in the saddle riding across the Pampas, or wading in the sparkling trout rivers of Patagonia. Hike the impressive slopes of the Andes or travel across the deserts of Salta. By night, take a seat at the table of a world renowned chef to drink the silkiest of red wines and savour beef, so tender, it would turn a vegetarian.   


North West Argentina

  • Explore the extraordinary landscape of the North West
  • Visit high altitude vineyards
  • Explore the high Puna by 4x4
Iguzu Falls

Iguazu Falls

  • Visit the majestic Iguazu Falls
  • Experience the falls from both Argentine and Brazilian sides
  • Take a helicopter flight over the falls for a unique perspective




  • For the ultimate wine experience visit Mendoza
  • Dine at world class restaurants for extraordinary culinary experiences
  • Explore the Andes or hike Aconcagua


  • Visit Los Glaciares National Park with its spectacular carved valleys and blue lakes
  • Experience the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier by boat
  • Trek the stunning Fitz Roy range


What to expect on your Argentina holiday

We plan our Argentina holidays carefully so as to minimise travelling and maximise on your adventure.  Argentina is a big country. Some 2,200 miles from north to south with wildly differing terrain and culture at each extreme. There is excellent riding on private estancias. But if riding is not your forte, there is plenty of opportunity for walking in Patagonia or the Lake District. Alternatively, relax and drink wine in Mendoza.  Explore Salta with its spectacular desert formations or drive further into the wilderness for an extraordinary experience in the Puna.

In addition there are vineyards, wildlife and wetlands to add to the mix of your trip to Argentina. Both food and wine are excellent and you can find small, sophisticated, privately owned hotels everywhere. Like its neighbour Chile, Argentina has a distinctly European feel in many parts which is instantly settling and allows for a very relaxed holiday.


Beyond the ordinary

  • Blend your own wine at one of the vineyards in the Mendoza region
  • Take a street food tour of Buenos Aires to make the most of the cuisine and learn to make some of the classic snacks such as empanadas
  • Try a heli flight over Iguazu for a unique perspective of the falls

How we can make your holiday to argentina special

Luxury is not always about the white linen and silver spoons in premium venues, but about different and unique experiences.  With Steppes Travel you can:

  • Discover the capital, Buenos Aires, accompanied by a lecturer with specialist knowledge of your particular interests
  • Explore Colon theatre, including the rehearsal rooms and private studios not available to the average visitor
  • Visit private workshops of silversmiths who make jewellery for royalty and who will give you a private tour
  • Visit sites out of hours to capture them at their most magical, without the crowds

Meet The TEAM

Steppes Travel are lucky enough to have James and Paul handling enquiries for holidays to Argentina.  Both will be delighted to help you design your own special holiday to Argentina and can suggest ideas you may not have thought of as well as take you to the places you have been longing to visit.

James has travelled extensively in Argentina as well as through the surrounding countries and has visited Argentina over ten times.  He has travelled from Salta in the northwest of Argentina to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. He first travelled to Argentina in 1982, unwittingly entering the country the day after Britain had declared war.

Paul has visited Argentina several times taking in the wildlife of the Ibera Wetlands, the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, the mighty Iguazu Falls and Mendoza. Though Paul is a mountain man and recently visited the southern regions to experience the beautiful Perito Merino glacier, and the peaks of Patagonia. 

Argentina FAQs

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When should I travel to Argentina?

Argentina’s seasons are reversed from ours and the best time to visit Buenos Aires is spring from October – November/December before the heat arrives. December to February is also the best time to travel to Patagonia but do remember the cliché of four seasons in one day does apply here.

Early winter (Apr - June) sees autumnal colours in the Lake District and the end of the wine harvest in Mendoza with the month of March hosting the wine festival.

What can I expect travelling in Argentina?

Travelling involves moving around quite frequently and travelling long distances due to the size of the country. You can expect some absolutely incredible scenery, great art, wildlife, culture, friendly hospitable people and not to mention fantastic food and wine.

Are there any festivals I can see during my trip, or spend time with ‘real’ locals?

Argentina hosts many festivals from folklore, carnival, tango, gaucho to Mendoza’s national wine festival – to visit you will need to book up early. We can also arrange time spent with Gauchos both riding and to their homes, Polo, cooking classes and blend your own wine classes.

What is the typical food and drink in Argentina?

Being a meat loving country this is very much the staple of most dishes such as the asado (barbeque). Mate (tea) is the national beverage of choice and for desert, or those with a sweet tooth, dulce de leche is served in many forms such as ice cream, pastries or just spread onto a slice of bread.

What clothing should I take to Argentina?

It is always best to pack light and while casual dress has become more acceptable in recent years, Latin Americans tend to devote great care to their clothes and appearance. A laundry service is available at most if not all hotels. Depending upon where you are travelling to in Argentina will dictate what is best to wear.

We find that a good fleece, waterproof jacket, layers, good walking trainers/boots and zip-off trousers work well for the chilly south with its sub-arctic conditions and for the tropical north.

I’ve heard about the blue dollar rate. What is this?

Argentina’s economy is complicated. The official exchange rates can be hugely different from the unofficial ‘blue’ rates. At times this has meant that using the blue rate you would receive twice as many pesos for your dollar so it is worth knowing about.

Many people will advise you to avoid official rates so that you can get more for your money but of course this is very much a personal choice and may be something that you want to discuss further with your guide when you arrive in Buenos Aires.

I’m a vegetarian. Will I still be able to find something to eat?

It’s true that Argentina has a worthy reputation for its steak but there are many different types of food and strong influences from Italy. In cities such as Buenos Aires then you’ll find just about every type of international cuisine going. Elsewhere then options may be more limited but you definitely won’t go hungry and there are a growing number of Argentine vegetarians. 


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Iguazu, Argentina

Awasi Iguazu coming to Argentina

The five-star property Awasi Iguazu is coming to Argentina.
Expected to open in late 2017, the wonderful Chilean property Awasi will be opening in a quiet riverside location down river from Iguazu Falls.  Currently Awasi Atacama and  Awasi Patagonia in Chile are firm favourites so we look forward to the opening of this new property in Argentina. 
Estancia La Bamba, traditional gaucho and horse attire, Pampas, Argentina

VAT refund for tourists visiting Argentina

In January 2017 the Argentinian government announced that all foreign tourists will be reimbursed the VAT on all hotel stays during their holiday to Argentina. VAT in Argentina is currently 21% so this will result in substantial savings for travellers to the country.
In order to qualify for these savings Steppes Travel will provide all the necessary passport information to our partners in Argentina. Take a holiday to Argentina and explore diverse landscapes from wetlands to deserts, vineyards, glaciers and mountains. 
Gaucho and horses, Tipiliuke Lodge, Argentina ©Isaias Miciu

Gaucho Festival

The pampa town of San Antonio de Areco comes to life in November when cowboys from all over the region flock there for the annual gaucho festival. Located just one and a half hours from Buenos Aires the town will be buzzing as the gaucho tradition is celebrated, with everyone dressed in their finery and ready to compete or just enjoy the festivities. 
Over the course of the week, there will be a rodeo, plenty of alfresco dining as well as the chance to see the work of artisans renowned for their fine silverwork and saddles. The final Sunday of the festival pitches the creme de la creme of the gaucho world against one another with a huge bonfire on the last night. Combine a visit to vibrant Buenos Aires with the thrill of the gaucho festival on a holiday to Argentina.

Flavours of Argentina

Most visitors to Buenos Aires only dine at the touristy restaurants mentioned in guide books. However Parillas (restaurants offering the most traditional cuisine) are a gem most miss out on.
To experience and taste authentic Porteño flavours, participate in a Parilla Tour to discover the hole-in-the-wall restaurants frequented by the locals and learn about Argentina's culture and cuisine.  Sample traditional foods at three different restaurants across the city and taste some of the best ice-cream in Argentina at a Heladeria, all in the context of the history of Buenos Aires. 

Client Reviews

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
"I have been coming back to Steppes... all in previous forms for over 25 years."

Howard Dawe

Guarani Crafts, Puerto de Iguazu, Triple Fontier, Argentina
"The service from Steppes was excellent from beginning to end. 
All activities and excursions were very good."

Michael Unwin

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