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Visit Edinburgh

There’s something magical about Edinburgh. Whether it be its incredible geography or its warm and wonderful people.     Surrounded by seven hills (two are in fact extinct volcanoes), the most striking is Arthur’s seat, a cliff-like rock rising above the city with a peak that offers an incredible panoramic view. Equally matched on the […]


10 reasons to travel to Iran

Nowruz, the Persian New Year began last weekend and has been celebrated in Greater Iran for over 3,000 years. It marks the first day of spring and a new beginning. So it is fitting that with restrictions now being lifted we shine a light on a country we have been championing for over 18 years. Also British […]


10 reasons to travel to Oman

Providing a fantastic choice for adults and children alike, a holiday to Oman offers huge diversity from relaxing beaches to adventures into the mountains and desert. Here are our top ten reasons to travel to Oman.  It’s safe FCO advise it’s safe to travel and British nationals don’t need to get a visa before travelling to […]