Ice in their veins, a week at Arctic Watch Lodge

I can’t think of any family more qualified than the Weber’s to guide me through the Canadian Arctic. Richard Weber, is an unassuming character but has the accolade of having walked to the North Pole more times than anyone. Richard has been there seven times including a crossing from Russia to the pole then onto […]

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The great bear bait debate

At home I put out a range of seeds and fat balls to encourage the birds. We have bowls of hedgehog snacks and water. My husband’s office even keep their leftovers from meetings for our ‘fox box’ and any bones are kept to be taken to the bottom of the garden. I have snake and […]

A family adventure in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

“Can we hold one of the baby orangutans?” “You can’t hold them. That wouldn’t be right. They need to be released into the wild when they are older and they must not become too habituated to people.” I beamed with pride at the grown-up and correct response from my eight-year old son. Just hours earlier […]

Elephant Whispering on a Monday morning

As office manager, my Monday mornings follow a familiar pattern, however this Monday was anything but normal. Today I’m not in the office but in Laos ‘The Land of a Thousand Elephants’, spending time with a group of beautiful female Eurasian elephants at a new project called Mandalao, a short distance from Luang Prabang. Sadly, […]

The quiet side of the Sacred Valley

‘Oh I’m sorry, we’ve come on a busy day’ said my guide Carlos cheekily, entering the Pumamarca Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley. Walking amongst the hill top ruins with their tall perfectly formed walls, symmetrical windows and commanding position at the fork of the valley, I noticed one other person. Having visited the Sacred […]

Who said sloths are slow?

When moving with a purpose sloths are actually incredibly nimble and quite speedy. At Nayara Springs, in the shadow of Arenal volcano’s conical shape, we were lucky enough to see a mother three-toed sloth with her baby. Happily snuggled on her mother’s stomach just as a storm hit they took us on an exhilarating journey as […]

South Africa – Digging Deeper in the Cederberg

Bushmans Kloof Cederberg landscape

“To understand the ecology of a place, you must first understand the rocks” My guide, Christiaan, stops and gets out of the vehicle. The smell of rooibos leaves, dampened by the recent rain, dances through the air as he strides a few metres to our right. “Look, here.” He says, pointing to the still damp […]

Madagascar – Between Two Worlds

Andringitra Mountains

“For luck,” says my guide Justin, as he bends down to pick up a pinch of dust by the side of the road. He places it carefully in his pocket. I find out later that such is the Malagasy love of home that whenever they leave, they take a small handful of soil with them […]