The quiet side of the Sacred Valley

‘Oh I’m sorry, we’ve come on a busy day’ said my guide Carlos cheekily, entering the Pumamarca Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley. Walking amongst the hill top ruins with their tall perfectly formed walls, symmetrical windows and commanding position at the fork of the valley, I noticed one other person. Having visited the Sacred […]

Who said sloths are slow?

When moving with a purpose sloths are actually incredibly nimble and quite speedy. At Nayara Springs, in the shadow of Arenal volcano’s conical shape, we were lucky enough to see a mother three-toed sloth with her baby. Happily snuggled on her mother’s stomach just as a storm hit they took us on an exhilarating journey as […]

South Africa – Digging Deeper in the Cederberg

Bushmans Kloof Cederberg landscape

“To understand the ecology of a place, you must first understand the rocks” My guide, Christiaan, stops and gets out of the vehicle. The smell of rooibos leaves, dampened by the recent rain, dances through the air as he strides a few metres to our right. “Look, here.” He says, pointing to the still damp […]

Madagascar – Between Two Worlds

Andringitra Mountains

“For luck,” says my guide Justin, as he bends down to pick up a pinch of dust by the side of the road. He places it carefully in his pocket. I find out later that such is the Malagasy love of home that whenever they leave, they take a small handful of soil with them […]

Botswana – Travel Is About People and Time

Lions from a helicopter on salt pan

I believe in time travel. At home, in your everyday life you have routine – going to work, getting the children to school – and are always looking at your watch (or phone) to see when your next appointment or deadline is. In the bush, on safari, time seems to stand still. You become immersed […]

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Steppes Big 5: Australian Swagging Experiences

Join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain on BBC2’s Stargazing Live, to marvel at the star-studded southern skies of Australia. One of the most magical ways to experience Australia’s wilderness is to spend a night sleeping in the open, under a twinkling starry sky, in a luxury swag (a deluxe reinvention of a bushman’s bedroll!). […]

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Steppes Big 5: Latin America Carnivals

Carnival Season, Brazil

It is carnival season in Latin America and with the residents of Rio preparing to drum, mambo and shimmy their way through the streets of the city this coming weekend, we thought we would share our favourite carnivals with you. Joyful processions, music and masquerade are not just the reserve of Brazil… 1. Brazil Aside […]


Steppes Big 5: Film Locations in China

The Great Wall, released today, is the most expensive shoot set entirely in China. Directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Matt Damon, the story may not be historically accurate (there were no monsters attacking China), but it reveals stunning panoramas of the man-made marvel that is the Great Wall of China. The wall is made […]